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Our Story

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Family of Gentle Healers started St Raphael's Sanctuary which is a physical location, it is a retreat facility in Tulbagh, South Africa. The family use their farm for the purpose of helping people along their healing path - spiritually and emotionally. Realising that not everyone is able to come to the farm to attend a retreat, the Family of Gentle Healers have expanded their services to offer the program online. They also run a one-on-one counselling option. See Healing Programs

Our Story


St. Raphael's Sanctuary blossomed out of our family’s passion for healing. It is our mission to guide people to heal, so they can experience what it feels like to be God’s beloved. 

The gap between psychology and spirituality must be bridged for true healing to occur. We, at the St. Raphael Sanctuary, have developed a unique psycho-spiritual approach for people suffering from mental and/ or spiritual dis-ease. Through our process, we guide participants to make sense of their suffering and to find hidden gifts in their pain and wounds.

St. Raphael’s Sanctuary Healing Retreats presented by our Family of Gentle Healers, are hosted on our farm, in Tulbagh, South Africa. Our family is made up of Father Albert, a Diocesan Catholic Priest, Louise an occupational therapist that specializes in mental health, Mimi our mother and prayer warrior, and Dr. Eric, a medical doctor. We have combined our accumulative 60+ years of experience and skills to make it possible for you to be able to overcome a range of obstacles and learn to make spirit-filled choices to live a passionate, joy-filled, extraordinary life.


We would be honored to accompany you on a journey so that you can heal your soul and find your true self. It is here that we take you by your hand and guide you to make divine-inspired choices to follow your soul path.

St Raphael the Archangel

The healing hand of God

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