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St Raphael Sanctuary



There are 3 options available to you:


8 Day live-in retreat

This is our fully immersive retreat on our beautiful farm in Tulbagh, South Africa. The ideal setting to be close to God's nature and partake in a very unique and well designed psycho-spiritual healing program. It is exclusive and limited to only 10 participants. We have been running this retreat for a number of years and have been amazed at the break through our participants have experienced and the ability for them to hear God's voice and move forward in their lives from being stuck and unsure of how to live the life they know is out there for them.

5 Day one-on-one retreat

We welcome you to stay on the farm at St Raphael's Sanctuary where you stay for 5 days on your own and partake in a personalized and individualized program to meet your specific needs. You will be guided and taught tools and by learning to hear the promptings of the Holy Spirit you will be able to make the decisions you need to to thrive and not only survive. The farm is perfect for you to be given the time and space needed to reconnect to God and with the help of your facilitators prosper using a unique psycho-spiritual model.


Individual retreat

Plan your own retreat. Come stay on our farm and find the rejuvenation your soul needs in the beauty of nature where peace and quiet are your companions. There is no planned facilitation with this option


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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