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Numerous of our participants on the retreats have requested that we as facilitators and coaches put together products that focus on specicif topics and that it be presented in a module format of lecture(s)/ videos covering the topic with some practical excercises to consolidate the knowledge and integrate it into the individuals unique situation. They also wanted to be able to review the lectures or excercises later after the retreats. We have been hard at work to make it possible for these products to be available for you to purchase.  The key to success of the retreats was that it was designed to do be able to make it experiential and "zoom" into each participants specific situation and give them practical steps to reach the goal they seek and to engrain it into their lives


Near completion, return soon


Near completion, return soon


Near completion, return soon

Workshop: Coming Home to Yourself 13 - 17 June 2022
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Too Close To Remember

Book Launch via Amazon / Book or Kindle
DATE: 8 December 2021

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How to heal from trauma and abuse without years of traditional therapy

If you want to find your own path to healing, then this book will guide you, step-by-step to uncover your soul wisdom. Here is why….


But first a warning: this book is not for everyone. This isn’t a self-help, implement x number of steps and your life will be wonderful book. Either is it let’s just pray about the problems and leave it all to God. This book unites what is good about psychology with spirituality, so that a deeper level of healing is started. It looks at our soul wisdom and our relationship with God. If you don’t believe in God (Source/ Creator/ Universe), then this book is not for you.


“Too close to remember” is a true case study of Hazel Zion’s healing journey from the time she acknowledges that she has been sexually abused. Her therapist, Louise Fouche guides her through a unique path of healing, where she taps into her own soul wisdom and her relationship with God, by using creative therapies. Louise objectively reflects on Hazel’s experiences and links it to the theory so that you, the reader has a context for understanding Hazel’s comments and insights. 


This book beautifully illustrates

  • That no two people’s healing journeys are the same and instead of following a recipe, tools and activities are provided that can guide you

  • Nothing in life is co-incidental and you will re-think the value, yes the value, of your wounds as they bear gifts, if only you have eyes to see 

  • The difference between making decisions from your false self in contrast to viewing your life through the lens ofy our True Self. We look at the importance of unbecoming as we begin to mature spiritually and heal. 

  • You will come to see in a real, unquestioning way that you are not alone even through your most difficult struggles and darkest moments in your life. As with Hazel, you will see how if you take one step to God, He takes 7 steps to you. It will open your eyes to synchronicities in your life and open you up to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. This will be a life-long journey of an extra-ordinary life.

  • We often falsely believe that possessions, power, status will bring us happiness. This book confirms through Hazel’s story that it is only when you surrender completely to God, that mystery and joy is made real. You will come to understand this spiritual principle in new, never-thought- of-before ways.

  • You will see that we are all bearers of lights and darkness and coming to grips with that will set you free to love deeply and intimately


Plus there are 5 bonuses available in this book for you  to start you on your healing path

  1. A 60 second quiz to measure to what extent you are living from your Authentic self

  2. Six steps to relearn to trust your body guide, for those who have experience sexual abuse, so you can come home to your own body and not be ashamed of it in intimate relationships

  3. Step-by-step, real-time teaching of the Hand-on-the heart technique that allows you to experience your own soul’s wisdom within minutes

  4. Step-by-step video on Centring prayer, a spiritual practice so you can deepen your relationship with God

  5. Interview with Hazel sharing some of her journey that isn't in the book

A talk on how St Raphael's Sanctuary and Family of Gentle Healers fit together and intertwine to guide people on their healing journey is also part of the bonuses given with the purchase of the book.


God does not want you to go through life barely surviving; He has an extra-ordinary life in mind for you. Just like the man in the Bible, He asks you “Do you want to be healed?” Take the first step to healing and get your copy of Too Close To Remember, today


"Both authors are to be congratulated on their courage in sharing this profound, experiential journey with us and its potential to become instrumental in changing our approach to our therapy and our relationships with those we serve."

Associate Professor Robin Joubert
Nat.Dip.Occ.Ther. (Pretoria),

"There are so many incredible experiences of human suffering and triumph in this book. Coupled to a profound desire to turn some of those mental and emotionally challenging issues into genuine desires to reach out to as many people as possible who could benefit from your combined life's experiences. 

Having been on the St Raphael’s Sanctuary retreat, I stand by you as you make a success of guiding people to healing in the Lord and sowing the seeds of hope. Referring to a quote from your book “If your soul is dying…” I see the need now, more than ever before, to reach out to people who are truly suffering and who experience great problems at every twist and turn wherever they live out their lives of modern human endeavor. Never in the history of our human existence have we experienced such an overwhelming pandemic of challenges and threats to our very existence."


--Reverend David Anderson

Diocesan priest of the Archdiocese of Cape Town

“This outstanding resource, co-authored by a therapist and her client, introduces a unique, innovative approach to healing from trauma. The healing process documented here is fascinating, instructive, and compelling; it moves beyond traditional, narrative psychotherapeutic approaches by seamlessly and effectively integrating the creative toolkit typically utilized in occupational therapy. The creative work of the client, so evident in this beautiful book, provides a powerful complement to this beautifully woven narrative of healing.”


--Laura Davis,

author of The Courage to Heal and The Burning Light of Two Stars

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